Pantry Organization Tips to Help You Stop Wasting Food

Pantry Organization Tips to Help You Stop Wasting Food

Pantry Organization Tips to Help You Stop Wasting Food

Pantries are a great space in the home that allow you to store a number of food and home products. You get a lot more space than you would if you simply stocked your cupboards. If you utilize a custom closet solutions south florida company you will stay organized and be able to find what you need in seconds.

It is important to stay organized in your pantry however. Many people get into the bad habit of just opening their pantry door, throwing an item on a shelf and closing the door back up. Unfortunately you can waste food this way because you will lose track of what you have and you will also lose track of any expiration dates that are on packaging. Let’s take a look at some pantry organization tips to help you stop wasting food:


There are a number of different ways that you can organize your pantry and only you can decide what will work for you. You should at least keep canned goods together, snacks on another shelf and dedicate one shelf to fresh items so you don’t have these items mixed in and lose track of them.


When you bring home new items to store in your pantry, make sure you put them behind older items so when you go to grab something, you will take the older item first and use it before it goes bad.

If you are looking to get more organized and waste less food in your pantry, consider giving The Closet Edition a call. They install custom closets Delray Beach for your home. You’ll be able to customize exactly what you want your pantry to look like and you can find what you need and waste less with this great investment.


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