7 Amazing Epoxy Table Ideas for the DIYer

7 Amazing Epoxy Table Ideas for the DIYer

Tables are such an essential part of our home decor. From our kitchen table to foyer tables, coffee tables to bedside tables, they are used everywhere in our homes. Creating your own epoxy table is a great way to have a piece of furniture that is completely uniquely yours. Epoxy is incredibly durable and long lasting, so you can be sure that this table will be able to handle kids, company, and anything else you may throw at it. Epoxy Contractors

Here some amazing epoxy table ideas for you to try yourself!


  1. River Table

One of the most popular types of epoxy tables right now is the river table. River tables require the use of wood that is not perfectly straight on the edges. You build a frame and pour epoxy into all the little nooks to create a stunning one of a kind table.


  1. Photo Table

This type of table can be highly personalized. You could have your favorite photos of family trips, weddings, major family occasions, or any other kind of photos you may want to display. Epoxy Directory


  1. Penny Table

This idea is fun and fairly inexpensive to do. You can use old and new pennies to create designs, or just randomly place the pennies.


  1. River Rock Table

With this table, you place river rock between two slabs of wood and fill it in with epoxy. This makes for a great natural look.


  1. Bottle Cap Table

Bottle caps are fun to use on the top of tables. Use different colors for a fun design.


  1. Collectible Cards Table

Whether you collect baseball cards or postcards, you can make a really cool epoxy table out of them. This could be a lot of fun for a kids room or a man cave!


  1. Wood End Pieces

You can use wood end pieces and colored epoxy to create a truly one-of-a-kind table that fits your decor.

Are you ready to create your own amazing epoxy table? Get the epoxy supplies you need from one of our top epoxy distributors today!

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