Nephrologist or Urologist – Who Should I See for Chronic Kidney Disease

Nephrologist or Urologist – Who Should I See for Chronic Kidney Disease

Who treats Chronic Kidney Diseases?

The nephrologist and urologist fields of medical specialty are closely related, hence many people fail to understand their difference. Both medical fields specialize in the treatment of kidneys, and that’s where confusion emerges from.

What is a Urologist?

A urologist is a physician who basically specializes in the treatment of kidney through surgery. They focus mainly on structural or anatomical kidney and urinary related disorders.

The problems they deal with include kidney blockages, kidney stones and kidney cancer. Urinary related disorders that are treated by an urologist are cysts, incontinence; which is the difficulty in holding urine, tumors, and also treat the disorders of male reproductive system like erectile dysfunction.

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What is a Nephrologist?

These are physicians who have specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of kidney disorders but do not perform surgeries to treat these disorders. They deal with disorders such as chronic kidney diseases which include diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus, coronary artery disease, and crohn’s disease.

Nephrologists also treat side effects that come with kidney medication, complications that are attributed to the manner in which the kidney works, and also inflammation of the kidney. Nephrologists also monitor patients who are already under kidney dialysis and prepare them for a transplant. They also offer check-ups after a transplant.

Who Should Be Consulted for Chronic Kidney Care in Jupiter

From the difference explained above, urologists carry out surgical procedures on patient kidneys unlike nephrologists. Chronic kidney diseases, such as the ones mentioned above, do not require surgery for treatment.

It is therefore clear that a patient with any kidney chronic disease should visit a nephrologist and not an urologist. These kinds of diseases require specialists such as nephrologist in Jupiter. To learn more about kidney diseases and their treatments, visit Coastal Nephrology at

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