Breast Impant Surgery: What to Expect During Recovery

Breast Impant Surgery: What to Expect During Recovery

What to Expect After Breast Implant Surgery in Boca Raton

Breast implants is a popular cosmetic procedure performed on women who are uncomfortable with the shape, size or proportionality of their breast. No matter how simple or safe a surgery is, it requires a period for recovery. Obviously, before taking the surgery every patient has her own expectations but this is what one should expect after the surgery.

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First Day

This surgery is performed under anesthesia for about one to two hours. Before being discharged, one is under close check for another one to two hours. This is basically to ensure the patient is in a stable condition and adequately awake and alert. The patient is not allowed to drive by herself hence arrangements should be put in place. What the patient should do the first day after discharge is simply to rest.

First Week

Proper diet is mandatory at this week since the body is at work healing the surgical incisions. Anything leading to straining or weight lifting should be avoided. One should be ready to experience discomfort due to the incisions made on the skin and muscles during the surgery. During the entire week use the prescribed pain medication and avoid lifting, pulling or even pushing objects. It is normal for the patient to feel a squishing sensation or even squeaking sounds coming from the breast.

First Month

If your job doesn’t involve much physical by now you are safe if not so one should wait a little longer. It is still wise to be cautious to avoid any possible complication for proper healing.

Appropriate Hospital

Breast implant surgery may appear a minor surgery but should be carried out by a qualified surgeon. To learn more about breast implants in Boca Raton visit and schedule a free consultation.

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